Asking questions

Abortion | President Bush can gently help develop a pro-life culture
by Hadley Arkes
Posted 8/24/02, 12:00 am

President Bush suggested that the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, that gentlest of measures which he signed into law earlier this month ("Welcome to the 'human family,'" Aug. 17), could be a first step in restoring a culture of life. It may well be, if the administration encourages further steps with other moves, quite as gentle. They would require no new legislation, and they might involve simply the artful raising of questions in public.

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Welcome to the 'human family'

Abortion | Erudite pro-lifer's long intellectual struggle results in President Bush's signature on a new law protecting the survivors of abortion
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 8/17/02, 12:00 am

The American-Statesman in President Bush's former capital city of Austin included this paragraph in a roundup of the Aug. 5 news: "BUSH SIGNS FETUS STATUS LAW. President Bush signed a bill that declares a fetus that survives an abortion procedure a person under federal law."

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Partially approved

Abortion | House votes again for a ban, Senate expected to stall
Posted 8/03/02, 12:00 am

The House of Representatives delivered a partial-birth abortion ban feet-first to the Senate, which may not kill the bill but most likely will ignore it to death. The vote in the House last week was 274-151, which is better than pro-life leaders expected. They thought the Supreme Court's 2000 decision to strike down a Nebraska ban on partial-birth would peel away more votes. But the winning majority was only 13 votes shy of the last vote total in favor of making partial-birth abortion illegal. Opponents of the ban picked up only 10.

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