Associated Press/Photo by Matt Dunham

Boot camp not welfare benefits

by Cal Thomas
Posted 8/20/15, 09:24 am

BELFAST, Northern Ireland—Since his party’s impressive election victory in May, British Prime Minister David Cameron is moving quickly to fulfill his campaign promise to ensure welfare benefits are no longer a way of life for many of his fellow citizens.

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Kate Flynn/American Observer

Children of hers

Poverty | The unsung legacy of an anti-poverty warrior
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 7/24/15, 01:00 am

I often edit better and occasionally think better by keeping a particular person in mind. 

For years in editing WORLD one of our readers, a 50-year-old dentist, appeared to me: Smart and busy, thoughtful but not academic, he wanted to think Christianly and valued a magazine that helped him to do so without wasting his time. 

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Associated Press/Photo by Rajesh Kumar Singh

UN reports reduction in world hunger

by Heather Bridges
Posted 5/29/15, 02:00 pm

UN food agencies say statistics from a recent report bode well for hunger eradication. But other relief organizations say the problem runs deeper than the numbers indicate.

The UN’s 2015 State of Food Insecurity report revealed the number of the world’s hungry dropped from more than 1 billion to 795 million in the past quarter-century. The number dropped by 216 million, despite a population increase of nearly 2 billion.

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