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Lessons from abroad for Trump

Poverty | Sometimes suffering—not prosperity—is a crucible for greatness
by Jamie Dean
Posted 1/12/18, 03:31 pm

Twitter lit up on Friday with inspiring stories about immigrants from the nations President Trump apparently derided during a meeting about immigration in the Oval Office on Thursday afternoon.

Bandal Luk, a project manager at Arizona State University’s Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research, tweeted about coming from one of the African nations Trump reportedly slammed.

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Gentrification for all?

Poverty | Some community activists believe urban neighborhood revitalization can occur in a way that benefits everyone
by Sophia Lee
Posted 8/17/17, 02:29 pm

I met anti-gentrification activist Angel Luna, a subject of WORLD Magazine’s recent article on gentrification, at a local doughnut shop chain in Boyle Heights. A white man founded the doughnut empire, now the largest doughnut shop chain on the West Coast. But in the sugar-dusted store in Boyle Heights, the servers dishing out apple fritters and Boston creams were Latino, the customers were Latino, and the soap opera playing on a corner television set was from Mexico.

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Associated Press/Photo by Bebeto Matthews

America’s longest war

Poverty | Gov. Cuomo should take a hard look at the lessons learned in the war on poverty
by Cal Thomas
Posted 3/14/17, 03:19 pm

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to spend $1.4 billion of his state’s resources to solve the persistent problem of poverty in central Brooklyn. The money would go to programs aimed at providing affordable housing, job training, anti-violence programs, recreational space, even obesity.

We have seen this play before, not only in Brooklyn, where the Bedford-Stuyvesant area defied virtually all anti-poverty programs and was an eyesore for decades before gentrification, not government, began its improvement at the beginning of 2000.

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