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Border revelations

Faith & Inspiration | What I learned sitting in a Tijuana traffic jam
by Sophia Lee
Posted 2/11/19, 11:51 am

Many years ago, I watched a TV show episode in which the main character, a weed-dealing widow, is trying to cross the border from Tijuana, Mexico, back to her Southern California town. She’s stuck in her car behind hundreds of other cars waiting to pass the San Ysidro Port of Entry, the largest land border crossing between San Diego and Tijuana. It’s a sweltering hot afternoon, so she calls out to one of the street vendors and buys an iced latte. Bad idea.

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Back to the future

Poverty | Resurrecting yesterday’s values to meet the challenges of tomorrow
by Harvest Prude
Posted 1/28/19, 10:46 am

When Paul Ryan gave his farewell address as speaker of the House on Dec. 19, he called on future lawmakers to make poverty issues a greater priority. Ryan’s mentor on poverty-fighting, Bob Woodson, age 81, sat in the front row. While politicians have come and gone, Woodson has toiled on the front lines since the 1970s as the godfather of neighborhood-based organizations that help people help themselves. Here are edited excerpts of our conversation in Washington, D.C.

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How two-parent families help everyone’s children

Effective Compassion | Growing up in a neighborhood with more married adults helps poor children
by Rob Holmes
Posted 10/31/18, 04:40 pm

A child’s access to—or failure to achieve—the American dream is closely related to his or her neighborhood’s predominant family structure, more so than parental race, income, or education level, according to a study published last month.

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