Political Unrest
Vincent Yu/AP

Democratic appeal

Democracy | Hong Kong demonstrators ask the United States for support
by June Cheng
Posted 9/12/19, 11:20 am

Hong Kong, long the international financial hub of Asia, now possesses a certain Jekyll-and-Hyde quality. During the week, the city is subdued: Well-dressed men and women head off to their offices in shiny buildings, young people loiter in coffee shops, and the elderly exercise in the park. Yet on the weekends, masses of people don black clothing and march on the streets, calling for the government to respond to their demands of democracy. 

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Death of a dictator

Obituary | Independence fighter turned strongman Robert Mugabe dies at age 95
by Susan Olasky
Posted 9/06/19, 11:25 am

Robert Mugabe, who ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years, died this morning in Singapore. He was 95. The onetime national hero who led the fight for independence against Britain and white colonial rule later stamped out dissent. During his almost four decades in power he oversaw the destruction of his resource-rich country’s economy.

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Associated Press/Photo by Kin Cheung

Hong Kong teens protest with school boycott

by Lynde Langdon
Posted 9/02/19, 12:02 pm

Tens of thousands of students skipped the first day of classes Monday and rallied for democracy in Hong Kong instead. The student protests followed weekend demonstrations that shut down city transportation routes. The unrest flared up for another weekend despite the arrests Friday of key leaders in Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement.

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