Political Unrest
Associated Press/Photo by Matt Dunham

Britain votes to leave the European Union

Britain | Unprecedented move begins a long process to form new relationships with its continental neighbors
by Samantha Gobba
Posted 6/23/16, 09:35 pm

UPDATE (7:20 a.m., June 24): Britain will leave the European Union, and Prime Minister David Cameron will resign before October.

Those were the final conclusions of the much anticipated Brexit vote, held Thursday. When all the ballots were counted, 52 percent of Britons voted to abandon the EU, with 72 percent of the more than 46 million registered voters casting ballots. Cameron, who had lobbied hard to remain part of the union, said the country now needed new leadership.

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Associated Press

Chinese villagers rally to support elected leader

China | Government officials arrested Lin Zuluan on trumped up corruption charges, supporters say
by June Cheng
Posted 6/23/16, 08:45 am

A few thousand villagers in southern China have taken to the streets in the past few days to protest the detention of a local leader allegedly forced to confess to corruption. Surrounded by a heavy police presence, residents marched around the village holding a banner covered in their signatures, waved Chinese flags, and chanted “Village chief Lin is innocent.” The demonstrations remained peaceful.

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Associated Press/Photo by Kin Cheung

Kidnapped bookseller escapes Chinese captors

China | Dispute over free press sharpens criticism of Beijing in Hong Kong
by June Cheng
Posted 6/21/16, 08:48 am

Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying vowed action after one of the five missing Hong Kong booksellers revealed Chinese authorities kidnapped him and secretly detained him for months, violating the “one country, two systems” principle that promised autonomy to the former British colony.

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