Political Unrest
Associated Press/Photo by Elson Li/HK01

Hong Kong protests turn increasingly violent

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 11/04/19, 11:05 am

A knife-wielding man bit a local politician’s ear, slashed protesters, and told demonstrators on Sunday that Hong Kong belongs to China. Five people sustained injuries in the attack. Riot police also targeted protesters, who formed a human chain in the Cityplaza mall and vandalized shops across the semi-autonomous territory.

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Associated Press/Photo by Hadi Mizban

Iraqi protesters storm bridges, attack consulate

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 11/04/19, 10:24 am

Protesters in Iraq are directing their anger at Iran for supporting the Iraqi government. On Sunday, dozens of people attacked the Iranian Consulate in the Shiite city of Karbala. At least four people died, and more than 200 others sustained injuries in weekend clashes throughout the country. On Monday, security forces in Baghdad responded with a water cannon and possibly gunfire against rock-throwing protesters on a major bridge. More than 250 people have died since the protests began in October.

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Vincent Yu/AP

‘Joshua Wong is a crime’

Hong Kong | The activist’s disqualification from office was blatantly political, he says
by June Cheng
Posted 10/30/19, 11:36 am

A month ago, pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong stood in front of Hong Kong’s government building to announce his candidacy for district council. Flags bearing Wong’s picture, name, and the district “South Horizons” fluttered in the background as he stood beside former Hong Kong lawmakers who had been disqualified from office due to their political views. 

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