Political Unrest
Associated Press/Photo by Thein Zaw

Will high-profile assassination destabilize Burma’s government?

Southeast Asia | Leaders warn the murder of a prominent lawyer was designed to strike at the country’s fledgling democracy
by Anna K. Poole
Posted 2/01/17, 11:37 am

Officials in Myanmar are investigating the assassination of high-profile lawyer Ko Ni, longtime adviser to Aung San Suu Kyi and advocate for Muslim religious rights. The politician had just landed at the airport in Yangon, the country’s most populous city, when a gunman broke through the crowd and shot him at close range. 

Local police detained one suspect in connection with the murder, but the motive remains shrouded in speculation: Was it a private business dispute, political resentment, or anti-Islamic sentiment? 

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Associated Press/Photo by Fareed Khan

Did Pakistan’s government abduct outspoken activists?

Human Rights | Human rights campaigners warn against official attempt to silence moderate voices
by Julia A. Seymour
Posted 1/23/17, 01:03 pm

Human rights activists in Pakistan warn the country is tumbling toward Islamic extremism, pointing to the disappearance this month of five activists as proof of ongoing efforts to silence more moderate voices in the public square.

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Nigerian separatists: 20 killed at pro-Trump rally

Africa | Security officials deny claims of injury but say police arrested 65 protesters
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 1/23/17, 10:34 am

ABUJA, Nigeria—Security officials on Sunday said they arrested 65 people at a pro-Trump rally in Nigeria’s Rivers state after the protest turned violent. The secessionist group that organized the rally claimed police officials killed 20 of its members and injured many others. 

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