Political Unrest
Associated Press/Photo by Khalid Mohammed, File

Iraqi Kurds set September independence vote

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 6/08/17, 08:38 am

Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish population will hold an independence referendum on Sept. 25, Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani announced Wednesday. Hamin Hawrami, the senior presidential adviser, said the decision came after a meeting with top Kurdish political parties in the region’s capital, Erbil. Voting is set to take place in the three northern Kurdish governorates and also in the disputed oil-rich Kirkuk region. The Kurds took control of parts of the region in 2014 amid the fight against Islamic State.

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Meridith Kohut/The New York Times/Redux

Starvation economy

Features | Venezuela’s crushing collapse offers lessons for outsiders drawn to big-government systems that can’t deliver
by Jamie Dean
Posted 5/24/17, 09:56 pm

When Samuel Olson bumps into acquaintances or colleagues he hasn’t seen in a few weeks, the Venezuelan pastor often notices an obvious difference: His friends are losing weight.

Olson’s friends aren’t alone.

A recent study reported 3 out of 4 Venezuelans say they’ve lost weight in the last year. Nineteen pounds is the average. The losses don’t come from trying to slim down. They come from struggling to find food, as the country with the world’s largest proven oil reserves descends into pitiful hunger.

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Associated Press/Photo by Jerome Delay

Violence between religious militias worsens in CAR

Africa | Central African Republic faces another civil war if fighting doesn’t stop
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 5/17/17, 11:42 am

Escalating clashes between Muslim and Christian militias in Central African Republic threaten to plunge the country back into civil war.

More than 100 civilians died in the violence in the past week, and thousands were displaced. The United Nations and other aid groups working in the country have expressed concern that the conflict is becoming increasingly violent and spreading into previously unaffected regions.

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