Political Unrest
The Yomiuri Shimbun via AP Images

Hong Kong resolve

Hong Kong | Pro-democracy protests continue unabated as supporters rally to the cause
by Erica Kwong & June Cheng
Posted 8/23/19, 01:31 pm

On Sunday in Hong Kong, an estimated 1.7 million people turned out under a pouring rain in a massive protest for democratic freedoms. It was the first peaceful weekend in 11 weeks of rallies and marches as the Hong Kong people continue to demand democratic representation and oppose a controversial extradition bill.

Things have changed since the protests began in June. Mark Sin, a 29-year-old university administrator, recalls watching protesters flee in different directions as police fired tear gas at demonstrators during a June 12 rally.

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Kin Cheung/AP

Propaganda vs. the people

Hong Kong | China is using state-run media and other tools to shape views on the Hong Kong protests
by June Cheng
Posted 8/14/19, 03:55 pm

As reported in China Snapshot for the past few months, the protests in Hong Kong have arisen out of the concerns of residents: The protesters oppose Beijing’s encroachment on Hong Kong autonomy, want their local government to listen to public opinion, and wish to freely elect their leaders.

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Kin Cheung/AP

Hong Kong under pressure

Hong Kong | Tensions mount as police and protester clashes escalate, with China threatening intervention
by June Cheng
Posted 8/08/19, 04:50 pm

The images coming out of Hong Kong paint a stark picture: Police in riot gear shooting tear gas and rubber bullets into crowds of young protesters. Protesters tearing bricks from the sidewalk to throw at police, starting fires outside police stations, and forming blockades on the roads. Pro-Beijing men in white T-shirts beating protesters with bamboo rods. 

Well-educated Hong Kong youths are learning lessons not taught in school: how to extinguish tear gas canisters, which helmets can best protect against projectiles, and how to administer first aid for tear gas exposure.

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