Political Unrest
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Signal to China

International | Voters fearful of Beijing’s growing authoritarianism reelect Taiwan’s president
by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 1/13/20, 01:32 pm

At Nanmen Elementary School in Taipei, young and old lined up Saturday to cast their ballots inside classrooms with ID cards and personalized chops (or stamps) in hand. Outside in the schoolyard, 62-year-old Chiu Yueh-fang and her two daughters sat on a bench waiting for her husband to finish voting. They voted for incumbent President Tsai Ing-wen because they believed she would protect Taiwan from China’s encroachment. 

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China stories to watch

China | Seven top issues to follow in 2020
by June Cheng
Posted 1/10/20, 04:14 pm

At the beginning of 2019, I listed seven China-related stories worth following throughout the year. Some became big headlines—the Uighur detentions, the U.S.-China trade war, and Chinese influence overseas. Others are perennial issues, such as Taiwan’s relationship with China and China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Still others represented the trend of greater control in the country, such as the government crackdown on Christians and forced disappearances.

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Associated Press/Photo by Andrea Hernandez Briceño

Maduro attempts counter-coup in Venezuela

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 1/06/20, 11:14 am

A year after his political opponents tried to overthrow him, Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro maneuvered to take back power Sunday. Security forces blocked opposition leader Juan Guaidó and other lawmakers from the National Assembly while Maduro’s Socialist Party appointed Luis Parra as the new speaker of the legislative body. Hours later, a majority of the legislators held an impromptu session at the headquarters of an opposition newspaper to elect Guaidó to a second term as speaker.

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