Political Unrest
Alfredo Zuniga/AP

No place sacred

Latin America | Amid protests across Nicaragua and efforts by Christians to help the hurting, a worsening government crackdown targets Nicaragua’s churches and Christian organizations
by Mindy Belz
Posted 8/29/18, 02:13 pm

When visitors show up at Raul Zamora’s Church of Divine Mercy in Managua, what they see shocks them. Bullets have left baseball-size holes in the tabernacle windows. Gunfire punctured the panes that let in light near an altar and pockmarked the walls. An oil-painted image of Christ bears three bullet holes.

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Lauren DeCicca/The New York Times/Redux

International loans, with strings attached

China | Some poorer nations are growing wary of generous Chinese investments
by June Cheng
Posted 8/23/18, 09:56 am

During a five-day trip to Beijing this week, the prime minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, took a strong stance against further Chinese investment in the Southeast Asian nation, canceling $22 billion worth of China-backed infrastructure projects. Malaysia is the latest country to adopt a cautious view of generous Chinese investments as poor countries fall into China’s debt trap.

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Associated Press/Xinhua

Six arrested in Venezuela drone attack

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 8/06/18, 11:46 am

Venezuelan authorities have arrested six suspects in the ongoing investigation into a Saturday explosion that President Nicolas Maduro called an assassination attempt. Maduro was delivering a speech in Caracas to mark the National Guard’s 81st anniversary when the explosion went off. Interior Minister Nestor Reverol said two drones loaded with 2.2 pounds of C4 plastic explosive targeted the leader. The military electronically diverted one of the drones, while the second crashed into an apartment building two blocks away.

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