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Philanthropy | Another prominent Jewish family in New York is giving to Christian mission hospitals
by Emily Belz
Posted 9/26/18, 02:41 pm

A New York moment:

Last year I wrote a profile of a Jewish philanthropist here in Manhattan who gives millions of dollars to Christian mission hospitals in Africa. Mark Gerson considers these mission hospitals to be doing high-quality healthcare for a bargain price, so he believes he’s making a smart philanthropic investment and having a massive impact on African health in the process. 

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Playing favorites

Philanthropy | A little research will help year-end giving
by Joel Belz
Posted 11/09/17, 12:12 pm

We all have our favorites. Whether we’re talking about restaurants, college football teams, preachers, vacation resort sites, math teachers, novels, hospitals, or classical music composers, it’s just human nature—when someone mentions a particular category—for the rest of us to respond by naming our top choices, preferences, or loyalties.

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One-wheeled wonders

Taiwan | For at-risk youth at a Taiwanese Christian boys home, unicycles are character-building vehicles
by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 1/12/17, 05:42 pm

On a 100-degree summer afternoon, several giggly middle-school girls in New Taipei City, Taiwan, attempted to mount blue and yellow unicycles, gripping a metal pole in their school’s basketball court with one hand and their friends with the other. Repeatedly, the one-wheeler slipped out from beneath each girl as she lost balance and tried again.

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