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Short stories of communism

Persecution | Two collections of short fiction depict communist absurdities in China and North Korea
by June Cheng
Posted 9/20/18, 05:49 pm

This summer, I’ve read two collections of short stories: The Execution of Mayor Yin and Other Stories from the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution by Chen Jo-hsi and The Accusation: Forbidden Stories from Inside North Korea by Bandi. The two books were written in different places and times, but both tell what it’s like for ordinary people to live under a communist regime.

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Raid on Zion

China | Beijing authorities shut down prominent unregistered church
by June Cheng
Posted 9/13/18, 03:10 pm

On Sunday, Chinese authorities officially banned one of the country’s largest unregistered house churches, Beijing’s Zion Church. Two days later, authorities detained senior pastor Ezra Jin and other Zion leaders, the latest move in the government’s recent crackdown on Christianity.

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Cruelly misled

Human Rights | To North Korea and back again: Kawasaki Eiko’s story
by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 9/13/18, 02:59 pm

At age 17, Kawasaki Eiko boarded a ship from her home in Japan and headed to North Korea, a land depicted as paradise on earth with free education, healthcare, food, and ample jobs. The year was 1960, and Kawasaki and hundreds of other Zainichi Koreans—ethnically Korean residents in Japan—were desperate to leave the poverty and discrimination they faced in Japan after World War II. Propaganda by North Korea and groups representing Koreans in Japan provided a seemingly simple solution: move to North Korea.

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