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Beijing’s Olympic reckoning?

China | As evidence mounts of Chinese genocide against Uyghurs, some call for a boycott of the 2022 Beijing Olympics
by June Cheng
Posted 3/03/21, 02:49 pm

One year ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, human rights groups and lawmakers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada are calling for a boycott of the games over China’s human rights abuses.

Last week, parliaments in the Netherlands and Canada voted to declare the Chinese government’s treatment of minority Uyghurs constitutes genocide. Canadian lawmakers also passed an amendment calling on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to move the Winter Games from Beijing if the genocide continues.

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“Crying in every home”

Persecution | Crimes against the global Church proliferate under the cover of a pandemic
by Mindy Belz
Posted 2/25/21, 08:57 am

The bodies lay in the streets of Axum for days, pockmarked with gunshot wounds. At night the residents of Ethiopia’s holiest city listened, horrified, as hyenas fed on the corpses. For many, these were people they knew.

Rumors surfaced in early December of a massacre at Axum’s Church of St. Mary of Zion, but the government blocked reporters from the embattled Tigray region. Only after authorities lifted a blackout on phone and internet communication in February could they confirm the true horror: 800 people killed in and around the church in one weekend (Nov. 28). 

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Keeping China accountable for Xinjiang

Foreign Policy | By labeling Communist atrocities in Xinjiang as genocide, the U.S. declares solidarity with the Uyghur community while ensuring further conflict with China.
by June Cheng
Posted 1/29/21, 03:18 pm


That’s what outgoing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused China of committing against Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, making the United States the first country to make such a declaration. He also called China a perpetrator of crimes against humanity.

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