Penal System
Shirley (left) and Nolan (Courtesy of Prison Fellowship)

'A stain on our nation'

Prisons | Groups from Prison Fellowship to the ACLU call on the Justice Department to enforce new standards to fight prison rape
by Emily Belz
Posted 8/18/10, 01:33 pm

WASHINGTON-A guard woke Marilyn Shirley in her prison cell at 2:30 in the morning, saying she was needed in the guardhouse. Arriving there, she noticed there were no female guards present. The guard called another guard to give him a signal if the prison lieutenant was heading to the office. Then he raped Shirley.

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Mark H. Hunter

Changing lifers

Prisons | Prison ministry aims to change not only inmates but also their offspring
by Mark H. Hunter
Posted 7/17/09, 09:02 am

ANGOLA, La.-When Kyle Hebert saw his 9-year-old son for the very first time, he shouted, "Thank you Jesus," hugged the small, shy boy, then looked deeply into his eyes to find some recognition.

He was not disappointed. Matthew's face broke into a wide, toothy grin as he returned his father's embrace.

Serving a 40-year sentence at the Louisiana State Penitentiary for an attempted murder conviction, Hebert, 43, spent seven precious hours with Matthew during the fourth annual Returning Hearts Celebration held in the spring at the prison commonly known as Angola.

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Court-approved: John with his book

Get into jail free

Prisons | A federal court ruling has pried open the doors of California jails to Bible study materials
by Mark Bergin
Posted 6/09/07, 12:00 am

Following his 1997 release from a seven-year stint behind bars, Ronald John has spent the last decade struggling to get his message back inside. As founder and director of Jesus Christ Prison Ministry (JCPM) in Lucerne Valley, Calif., the self-made minister ships his self-published workbook, Change Your Life Biblically, to inmates seeking biblical teaching.

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