Penal System

Avoiding prison's revolving door

by Russ Pulliam
Posted 4/23/13, 11:59 am

INDIANAPOLIS—Melissa Benton looked like a candidate for a career in crime. Her parents divorced, and her stepfather was accused of abusing her and her sister. She got pregnant in high school. Then in a dispute that got out of control, she stabbed and killed her mother. She spent eight years in prison.

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Associated Press/Photo by Patrick Semansky

Death and life in Maryland

Death Penalty
by Cal Thomas
Posted 3/19/13, 10:42 am

The Maryland legislature recently voted to abolish capital punishment in the state, making Maryland the sixth state in the last six years to eliminate the death penalty.

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Photo by Mark H. Hunter

Prison drama

Prison | For inmates at a maximum security penitentiary, recreating <em>The Life of Jesus Christ</em> is an opportunity for moral-and spiritual-rehabilitation
by Mark H. Hunter
Posted 6/15/12, 06:24 am

In the biblical accounts of the crucifixion, Jesus Christ is hung on a cross between two thieves. In The Life of Jesus Christ, a passion play recently performed at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, the thieves are actually convicted murderers and "Jesus" is serving 20 years for armed robbery.

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