Penal System
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Business classes transform inmates into CEOs

by Laura Edghill
Posted 1/23/15, 04:23 pm

Richard Chavez Jr. has an ambitious business plan. He seeks $50,000 in seed money for a proposed mobile youth counseling center set to launch in 2020. It could be earlier if he gets paroled.

Chavez is serving an eight-year sentence in a Texas prison for aggravated assault. While incarcerated, though, he is participating in a unique program designed to encourage prisoner reform and reduce recidivism through the teaching of business concepts.

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'More God, less crime'

by Russ Pulliam
Posted 12/30/14, 03:25 pm

INDIANAPOLIS—The headline above is Byron Johnson’s conclusion and the title of the book he wrote from his prison ministry research. Here in Indianapolis, Gregg Keesling has taken up Johnson’s theme, helping inmates leave prison.

Keesling has tackled a tough problem. At least 5,000 inmates come back to the city each year, usually with no job prospects. Many return to crime, then back to prison.

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More on faith-based prison programs

by Marvin Olasky
Posted 3/13/14, 04:12 pm

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