Penal System
Associated Press/Photo by Brynn Anderson

Christian prison reformers applaud plan to give inmates Pell Grants

by Abby Reese
Posted 7/29/15, 04:30 pm

Prisoners may soon be eligible for federal aid to pay for college under a new Obama administration initiative. The program would allow prisoners access to Pell Grants to fund courses, ending the 20-year ban imposed by Congress. 

The Education and Justice departments are expected to make the announcement Friday at the Maryland Correctional Institution. 

The move comes amid talk of overhauling the justice system in an effort to provide opportunities to prisoners that could reduce recidivism.

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Associated Press/Photo by Kathy Willens

NYC ends bail system that unfairly affects poor defendants

by Jae Wasson
Posted 7/08/15, 02:08 pm

Kalief Browder, 22, spent three years in New York City’s Rikers Island jail because he couldn’t afford bail. Last month, he killed himself, possibly because of the trauma he experienced. New York City announced a plan Wednesday to keep people like Browder out of their jails.

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Associated Press/Photo by Nati Harnik

Christian perspectives on Nebraska's death penalty repeal

Death Penalty
by Jonathan Boes
Posted 5/29/15, 10:52 am

The death penalty died in Nebraska this week, with support from nearly half the state Senate’s Republicans.

With execution costs growing and lethal injection drugs hard to obtain, states face a choice. Like Utah, which recently revived firing squads, states could seek other execution methods. They could also follow Nebraska and 18 other states in repealing the death penalty altogether.

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