Penal System
Associated Press/Photo by Michael Conroy

Looking for hope behind bars

by Russ Pulliam
Posted 5/26/16, 01:33 pm

Inside and out, the state prison in Pendleton, Ind., looks dismal and depressing. The 30-foot stone wall thwarts the temptation for the 1,500-plus inmates to escape. More barriers include fences just inside the wall, topped by rolls of razor wire.

Built in 1923, what was then known as the Indiana Reformatory was a temporary home for bank robber John Dillinger. Today, the renamed Pendleton Correctional Facility, just northeast of Indianapolis, is a maximum-security prison that still houses many of Indiana’s roughest offenders.

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Reentry programs reduce prison recidivism

by Anthony Bradley
Posted 5/20/16, 01:18 pm

Because of the roughly 2.5 million men and women incarcerated in this country, states find themselves under increased pressure to develop early-release alternatives to ease prison overcrowding. States have chosen probation and parole as the primary means to ameliorate the overcrowding while maintaining a means to punish offenders for breaking the law. But reentry programs have proven to be the best way to keep criminals from returning to prison, and the best programs are those emphasizing character formation and work skills.

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Associated Press/Photo by Gerald Herbert

DOJ prison reforms aim to turn convicts into productive citizens

by Evan Wilt
Posted 4/25/16, 04:43 pm

WASHINGTON—The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced new initiatives today aimed at reducing the population of America’s 2.2 million prisoners and enabling parolees to thrive after paying their debt to society.

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