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Custody conflict

Parental Rights | Utah Supreme Court rules against Virginia father seeking to overturn his daughter's adoption
by Zachary Abate
Posted 7/21/11, 04:01 pm

The Utah Supreme Court has ruled against a Virginia father who is seeking to overturn the adoption of his daughter by a Utah couple. The ruling, handed down on Tuesday, stated that John M. Wyatt had not asserted his parental rights in time to stop the adoption.

The case is part of an ongoing legal battle waged by Wyatt, 22, who is trying to get his daughter back after she was put up for adoption by her biological mother two years ago.

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Rod rules

Parenting | Anti-spanking crusades have triggered bans around the globe and are taking aim at the U.S.-but some defenders of spanking say that many parents do it unbiblically
by Mark Bergin
Posted 8/05/06, 12:00 am

When Susan Lawrence sent away for a complimentary copy of Home School Digest three years ago, she never expected a life-altering shove toward activism. But an advertisement in the magazine for flexible nylon spanking rods propelled the Massachusetts mother to launch a full-on campaign against corporal punishment.

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