Scotland to reconsider contentious child welfare plan

Parenting | Pro-family critics say new watered-down version remains problematic
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 3/09/17, 11:49 am

Scottish officials this week announced they are reintroducing a controversial law that would assign a state guardian to every child in the country.

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Aly Song/Reuters/Newscom

New baby? Just relax

Parenting | The Chinese tradition of zuo yuezi provides plentiful rest (and strict rules) for mothers of newborns
by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 3/01/17, 11:42 am

Sitting in her high chair at lunch, 1-year-old Christie was inconsolable. Though her dad brought her various foods and toys, the baby persistently fussed and cried, with tears sliding down her rotund cheeks.

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Ontario turns parenting into a group affair

Family | New law allows birth certificates to include up to four adults
by Samantha Gobba
Posted 11/30/16, 01:37 pm

Children in Ontario, Canada, may now have up to four legal parents, none of which must be birth parents, under a bill passed by the legislature Tuesday.

Under the All Families are Equal Act, same-sex couples or a group of up to four adults who agree to have a child, whether through a surrogate mother or artificial insemination, will be legally viewed as parents without any adoption process. They simply must sign a contract to co-parent before the child is conceived.

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