Fostering changes

Adoption | Trump administration efforts are starting to mend a foster care system that has been in crisis for years
by J.C. Derrick
Posted 8/25/20, 09:35 pm

Trent Taylor’s earliest childhood memories involve trauma. His biological mother left him crying in a swing for hours. His parents regularly allowed an uncle to babysit, even after they knew he was sexually abusing Trent and his siblings. 

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Facebook/Kent County, Michigan

Kindergarteners learn A is for adoption

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 12/06/19, 12:34 pm

Thursday was adoption day at the county courthouse in Grand Rapids, Mich., and one boy brought his kindergarten teacher and classmates with him to the hearing to witness the occasion. Michael Orlando Clark Jr. was one of 37 children adopted that day, according to Kent County’s Facebook page.

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The lost supper

Relationships | We’re missing something crucial with the demise of the family dinner
by Janie B. Cheaney
Posted 10/29/19, 11:07 am

When my husband and I married, after a two-month courtship, I didn’t know how to cook. Some experience with baking constituted my home-ec resumé, but man does not live on cookies alone (as much as my man would have liked to). As we were both enrolled in college, he insisted I sign up for a noncredit cooking class, an idea that would never have occurred to me. His instinct for self-preservation might have prompted the suggestion, but in practical terms, that was the best class I ever took—much preferable to food poisoning. 

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