The wide gate

Parenting | The path to destruction is a twisted form of the path to life
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 1/14/21, 04:29 pm

Since Time magazine announced God was dead in 1966, people have done their best to manage without Him, notably in relationships. God’s narrow way of one man and one woman monogamously raising offspring has been paved over with multilane beltways, bypasses, and loops that must look sort of messy from angel altitude.

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The fatherhood factor

Family | The worst systemic injustice in America is one the left ignores
by Tim Lamer
Posted 10/28/20, 03:09 pm

As a doctor, Theodore Dalrymple worked for 15 years among the poor in a hospital and prison in a major city. Writing about the experience, Dalrymple noted the routine violence in the lives of his patients, “the fluidity of relations between the sexes,” and “the devastating effect of prevalent criminality” in the community. 

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Fostering changes

Adoption | Trump administration efforts are starting to mend a foster care system that has been in crisis for years
by J.C. Derrick
Posted 8/25/20, 09:35 pm

Trent Taylor’s earliest childhood memories involve trauma. His biological mother left him crying in a swing for hours. His parents regularly allowed an uncle to babysit, even after they knew he was sexually abusing Trent and his siblings. 

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