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Courtesy of Cell-Ed

English on the go

Technology | Mobile learning apps could help workers or immigrants hone language and literacy skills
by Michael Cochrane
Posted 11/20/18, 01:02 pm

A new category of mobile learning apps seeks to help the large segment of the American labor force that struggles with literacy skills.

More than half of the workforce reads at less than the sixth-grade level, and many are illiterate, according to Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami, the founder and CEO of Cell-Ed, a mobile learning platform targeting low-skill workers.

“When you talk about adult literacy, it sounds like you’re referring to a few folks who fell through the cracks, but that’s not the case at all,” she told Fast Company. “It’s a hidden epidemic.”

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Headset manuals

Technology | Augmented reality boosts high-tech manufacturing
by Michael Cochrane
Posted 11/09/18, 09:02 am

Building a spacecraft is not a job for mass production. Aerospace workers painstakingly assemble each spacecraft one at a time, traditionally following thousand-plus-page technical manuals. But Lockheed Martin—the prime contractor building NASA’s next generation Orion spacecraft—is ditching the paper manuals and equipping its technicians with augmented reality (AR) headsets.

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Eric Risberg/AP

Farm without a farmer

Technology | Startup hopes restaurants and grocers are ready for robotically grown greens
by Michael Cochrane
Posted 10/25/18, 03:24 pm

Indoor urban farming is, you could say, a growing trend. Indoor farm startups want to provide pesticide-free, locally grown vegetables directly to urban stores and restaurants that otherwise would buy produce that may have been shipped thousands of miles. And one California startup is taking indoor farming a step further: The company is offering a completely autonomous farm with no human workers.

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