Natural Disaster
Associated Press/Photo by Carlos Giusti

Puerto Rico government asks for help

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 1/10/20, 10:49 am

Powerful aftershocks complicated the recovery effort in Puerto Rico after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday killed one person, injured nine others, and severely damaged infrastructure on the southwestern coast. More than 40 earthquakes measuring 3.0 magnitude or higher have shaken the island since Tuesday. Following a request from Puerto Rican Gov. Wanda Vázquez, President Donald Trump declared an emergency in the U.S. territory, opening the door to Federal Emergency Management Agency funds to help with recovery.

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Steve Smedley/The Pantagraph/AP

Twists of grace

Disasters | Six years after a tornado outbreak hit the Midwest, surviving families remember the devastation and the recovery
by Leah Hickman
Posted 11/07/19, 12:46 pm

Dan and Carol Learned were at church half an hour away when a tornado hit their Washington, Ill., neighborhood. As the congregation returned from the church basement, cell phones began to vibrate and buzz with updates from Washington. A neighborhood friend texted one of the Learned kids: “The whole street’s gone.”

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Jeffrey McWhorter

Every stormy wind

Disasters | Dallas Christians rallied to serve Northway Church after a tornado demolished its building, and Northway sought to be a calm and sure retreat for the neighborhood around it
by Katie Gaultney
Posted 11/01/19, 11:08 am

The Walnut Hill neighborhood of Dallas looks less like a cluster of 1960s ranch homes and more like a war zone. Downed power lines drape across brush-strewn roads, and treetops are lopped clean off—where trees are left standing at all.

Shea Sumlin, pastor of Northway Church, recalled the aftermath of the violent tornadoes that struck the Dallas metro area on Oct. 20. “All the power’s out. It’s dark. All you could hear is chainsaws and tears. You could smell the gas leaking as firefighters tried to turn off the gas lines,” Sumlin said. 

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