Music: Better than pablum

Music | From Anti-Garth to O'Connoresque rock 'n' roll
by Arsenio Orteza
Posted 2/20/98, 12:00 am

Except for the Windham Hill pianist, each of this month's acts openly acknowledges Christ, suggesting that contracts with major labels or their subsidiaries are not necessarily pacts with the devil. Still, the Windham Hill pianist is outselling the rest, suggesting that not even a wake-up call as bracing as Ricky Skaggs's emergence as the "Anti-Garth" can compete with lullabies among our sleepy populace.

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Music: Records of our time

Music | Some top-selling music proves we are what we listen to
by Arsenio Orteza
Posted 2/06/98, 12:00 am

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Music: The spiritual music fad

Music | How to sort out religious classics from New Age meditation
by Terry Yount
Posted 1/30/98, 12:00 am

What qualifies as "spiritual" these days? Why is a record label like Angel going through a whole marketing craze for spiritual awareness, angels, soul journeys, and the like? As classical CD sales sag, anything that "sells" is fair game-including religion. Less cynical observers have noted a universal hunger for spiritual things-but of what kind?

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