Music: No more confusion

Music | Rockers show spiritual healing and backsliding from liberalism
by Arsenio Orteza
Posted 10/11/97, 12:00 am

During the '80s, when everyone from Bob Dylan to Al Green was embracing Christ and recording gospel songs, no gospel-friendly rock icon inspired more delight and confusion among critics and fans than the Celtic soul man, Van Morrison.

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Music: Bookish rock 'n' roll

Music | The Vigilantes of Love play for Christian romantics
by Arsenio Orteza
Posted 9/27/97, 12:00 am

In the hands of most rock-and-rollers, even a lot of learning can be a dangerous thing. The music's structural limitations provide less room for intellectual maneuvering than a mine field does for blind man's bluff, and the results are often, metaphorically speaking, equally disastrous.

A significant exception continues to be Bill Mallonee, the leader of the Athens, Ga.-based Vigilantes of Love. Unabashedly well read, he typically squeezes more literary, biblical, and historical allusions into one album than many of his peers squeeze into an entire career.

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Music: The British Elvis lives

Music | Cliff Richard keeps the faith in the world of pop music
by Arsenio Orteza
Posted 9/06/97, 12:00 am

In January the Queen of England knighted Paul McCartney. In September Amy Grant, the former queen of contemporary-Christian music, will release her latest pop album. What most Americans don't realize is that, to Cliff Richard, royal honors and the challenge of living one's faith in the pop-music mainstream are nothing new.

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