What child is this, anyhow?

Music | Christian dulcimer artist makes "best-recordings-ever" list
by Arsenio Orteza
Posted 12/14/96, 12:00 am

In 1981, the hammered-dulcimer maker Jerry Read Smith recorded Strayaway Child, a sparkling collection of traditional Celtic melodies with "Over the Rainbow" and Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" included for good measure. Shortly afterward, the Black Mountain, N.C., craftsman sensed that his days as a low-profile builder of Appalachian instruments were--like his custom-made instruments themselves--numbered.

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Country-punk Christian

Music | Hard rockers seek to please their mother--and their Father
by Arsenio Orteza
Posted 11/16/96, 12:00 am

"That was a great piece," Jason Ringenberg told WORLD recently, in reference to the positive review of his band that ran in our April 22, 1995, issue. "You guys are The Way, right?" No, WORLD. The Way is published by a cult.

"WORLD. Cool. It was a wonderful piece to send to my mom."

Mr. Ringenberg laughs. Not long ago, after all, nothing would've seemed less in keeping with the wild, country-punk image of his band--Jason and the Scorchers--than for its leader to worry about pleasing his mother.

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Music: Good, good-time music

Music | Zydeco artists party, but always keep God much in mind
by Arsenio Orteza
Posted 10/19/96, 12:00 am

Against the background of the presidential race, the Simpson case, and the Kervorkian disgrace, a discussion of the best party music currently available might seem flippant. Yet when a person wants to celebrate or merely forget the turns our culture takes, and hopes to select a soundtrack appropriate to his mood, it's hard to beat the bright, uptempo, southwestern-Louisiana music known as zydeco.

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