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Refined sensuosity

Music | A flood of Debussy releases reveals a composer outside of his time
by Arsenio Orteza
Posted 4/12/18, 10:45 am

March 25 marked the centennial of the death of the greatest French composer of all time, Claude Debussy. Whether he’ll ever earn the title of “Greatest Composer of All Time, Period,” however, is unlikely, if only because he ignored many of the conventions used to compare and contrast great composers in the first place.

In terms of structure, tonality, texture, and sonority (almost everything, in other words, that makes music music), as well as in terms of his openness to non-European and extra-musical influences, Debussy followed his own rules.

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Recent Christian albums

by Jeff Koch
Posted 4/12/18, 08:43 am

In the Wake Of O 

Ozay Moore

Those wanting to up the musical ante for hip-hop should try Ozay Moore’s In the Wake of O. It features old-school soul grooves nailed down by a bass and ornamented by retro record scratching, jazz keys, and—wait for it—a horn section. In “Good,” satisfaction is found not by “buying what the media flips,” but in a muscular black pride rooted in godly family routine like tucking kids in bed and being a “spouse keeper.” Moore wants us not just to live moment by moment: Christ-centeredness includes considering the legacy we’ll leave.

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Well-versed tunes

Music | Christian parody band puts Biblical message into familiar songs
by Charles Horton
Posted 4/12/18, 08:39 am

Only one band’s music has played on both The 700 Club and The Howard Stern Show: ApologetiX, “That Christian Parody Band.” Lead singer J. Jackson—his full first name is known only to his family—has rewritten everything from Elvis and the Beatles to Linkin Park and Eminem. He describes the results as “a cross between Weird Al [Yankovic] and Billy Graham,” but he didn’t set out with that goal: He wrote his first parodies to entertain high-school friends at parties, getting the idea of rewriting songs from a bully who’d done it to tease him.

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