Matt Seal

Waiting actively

Music | Austin musician redeems the time while singing of Christ’s return
by Arsenio Orteza
Posted 2/26/19, 09:54 am

At 27, the Austin, Texas–based singer-songwriter Harrison Lemke is too young to have experienced firsthand the rapture fanaticism of the 1970s.

Nevertheless, as the titles of his 2013 single “We Wait” and his 2015 EP Sound Check at the Eschaton imply, hopes and fears associated with the Second Coming haunt the 93 observant and soul-searching lo-fi folk (and sometimes rock) songs that he has recorded and released on six albums, four EPs, and two singles over the last six years.

It’s an impressive output by any standard.

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Fran Kaufman

A Lutheran and a jazz composer

Arts | Revisiting Martin Niemöller’s poem ‘First They Came’ at a New York jazz concert
Posted 2/19/19, 03:46 pm

A New York moment: 

I went to the Jazz Standard, a New York jazz club, to see Mingus Big Band, a band that plays mostly Charlie Mingus compositions. Mingus’ widow (his fourth wife) manages the band, and several members of the band played with Mingus back in the day. Mingus is one of my favorite jazz composers. Sometimes I get so caught up in my everyday scramble that I forget I live in a city where people who played with Charlie Mingus perform jazz on a weekly basis. 

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New or recent releases

by Arsenio Orteza
Posted 2/14/19, 03:33 pm


Mumford & Sons

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