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Wise Blood as opera

Music | An enjoyable “immersive exhibition” of Flannery O’Connor’s novel
by Arsenio Orteza
Posted 8/27/20, 02:49 pm

The great Catholic short-story writer and novelist Flannery O’Connor is in the news again—and for the same reason that it seems she’s ever in the news anymore: racism.

O’Connor was no racist. But you’d never know if your only information source were The New Yorker, which recently published an essay by Paul Elie bearing the question-begging title “How Racist Was Flannery O’Connor?” Feel free to skip to Jessica Hooten Wilson’s rebuttal in First Things and Justin Lee’s at Arc Digital for succinct explanations of why Elie’s thesis leaks like a sieve. 

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Too good to overlook

Music | Noteworthy new or recent releases
by Arsenio Orteza
Posted 8/27/20, 02:45 pm

Heart’s Ease by Shirley Collins: Buoyed by the warm reception greeting her 2016 comeback, Lodestar, this British folk heroine returns with a dozen more explorations of the traditional and the neo-traditional songbooks.

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Screen grab from video

Angry Chicks

Music | Country trio turns songs on their new album into divorce court briefs
by Arsenio Orteza
Posted 8/13/20, 12:46 pm

Of all of the snark that ensued upon the Dixie Chicks’ rebranding themselves “the Chicks,” none was funnier than this observation from the libertarian gadfly Tom Woods: “Now that’s a relief. I think everybody assumed they supported slavery with that earlier name! And when they eventually get told that the word ‘chicks’ trivializes women’s lives, well, we can look forward to new releases from ‘The.’”

What is not a laughing matter is the Chicks’ new release, Gaslighter (Columbia). Would that it were.

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