Everybody sing!

Religion | The temporary loss of congregational singing highlights its unique value
by Janie B. Cheaney
Posted 3/28/20, 03:39 pm

What do you miss most about church during enforced isolation? It might be the socializing, or the preaching, or the excellent Sunday school series that was interrupted. 

I miss the singing. 

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Stories and insights

Music | Noteworthy new or recent releases
by Arsenio Orteza
Posted 3/26/20, 02:14 pm

Not Now, Bernard and Other Stories by Alexander Armstrong, Orchestra of the Swan: Not Now, Bernard and ­Isabel’s Noisy Tummy are illustrated children’s books by David McKee that add a comic gloss to discomfiting childhood experiences. James Mayhew’s The Knight Who Took All Day adds amusingly quixotic, mildly PC kinks to a damsel-in-distress plot. And “Annabel Lee” is the Poe poem. Then there’s Thread!, a stroll through the Bayeux Tapestry.

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Sounding effortless

Music | Someday I'll Make It All Up to You is Tyson's Motsenbocker's most polished album to date
by Arsenio Orteza
Posted 3/26/20, 02:09 pm

According to the mini-biography on his website, the singer-songwriter Tyson Motsenbocker experienced a “renegotiated relationship with God” seven years ago while on a monthlong, 600-mile walk that he undertook to deal with the death of his mother. 

Now, two EPs and two full-length albums later, that renegotiated relationship and a profound sense of loss continue to mark the boundaries within which his cinematically vivid musical vignettes unfold.

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