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Neighborly graces

Movie | A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood shows the power of unselfish love
by Megan Basham
Posted 11/21/19, 10:23 am

Feel-good movies come in two kinds. One kind simply offers fun escapism. It features car chases, characters with superpowers, and declarations of love in the rain. The purpose is to let you forget your problems for a couple of hours. 

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is the other kind of feel-good movie. 

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Bombs away

Movie | Pervasive bad language blows holes in thrilling but flawed historical drama Midway
by Bob Brown
Posted 11/15/19, 02:04 pm

Seventy-five years ago, bombs weren’t dropped from drones flown by operators sitting behind joysticks in a high-tech war room thousands of miles away. No, you delivered them in person. You throttled your plane into a screaming nosedive straight down at the enemy ship floating below, released the payload at the last possible moment, then pulled back hard on the stick for a steep, blood-draining ascent away from the anti-aircraft guns blap!-blap!-blapping holes in your wings and fuselage.


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Harebrained effort

Movie | Farcical Jojo Rabbit minimizes the crimes of the Holocaust
by Bob Brown
Posted 11/13/19, 04:36 pm

In his autobiography, Charlie Chaplin said if he had known the horrors of the concentration camps, he could not have made his 1940 satirical film The Great Dictator. Director Taika Waititi has no such reservations. In his new film Jojo Rabbit, marketed as an “anti-hate satire,” Waititi depicts the barbarians of the Holocaust as little more than buffoons. 

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