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Bot meets girl

Movie | Transformer and teenager team up to save Earth in sci-fi action flick Bumblebee
by Bob Brown
Posted 12/13/18, 04:09 pm

In Bumblebee, girl and robot work together to save the planet. The robot is B-127, an Autobot sent to Earth from the planet Cybertron, where he was a member of the resistance battling the Decepticons. If that makes sense, then you probably grew up playing with Transformers, the action figures on which the film is based.

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A man’s fight

Movie | Fatherhood wins by a knockout in boxing sequel Creed II
by Bob Brown
Posted 11/26/18, 02:18 pm

The special screening of Creed II that I attended allotted two rows for the press. The remaining seats were filled by folks organizers evidently brought in to whoop it up. And why not whoop it up? Adonis “Donnie” Johnson (Michael B. Jordan) is a handsome, chiseled warrior who puts his heavyweight boxing title and his life on the line against a massive Russian puncher. Donnie is the Greatest American Hero for the new millennium.

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Francois Duhamel/Amazon Studios via AP

A father’s love

Movie | Story of a drug-abusing boy and his relentless father is painful to watch
by Bob Brown
Posted 11/20/18, 12:23 am

Beautiful Boy is difficult to watch. It hurts on many levels. Based on the dual memoirs of David Sheff and his son, Nic, the film despairs that a drug addict can ever kick his habit. Nic gets clean for a while, but again and again chooses to shoot up with crystal meth. As surely as highs crash, so too recoveries collapse, the film seems to say.

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