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Dog in the wild 

Movie | A Dog’s Way Home is a cute tale encumbered by secular values
by Bob Brown
Posted 1/10/19, 10:48 am

A Dog’s Way Home is a mostly family-friendly film about man’s best friend. But liberal dogmas drag down this otherwise sweet story.

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Surprise wins and less politics at Golden Globes

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 1/07/19, 11:57 am

The 76th Golden Globes saw many unexpected wins Sunday night: Bohemian Rhapsody took best picture over the more favored A Star Is Born. And Lady Gaga, expected to win best actress in a drama for that movie, lost to Glenn Close for her role in The Wife.

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A mule’s errand

Movie | In The Mule, a foolish protagonist shortchanges an otherwise thought-provoking film
by Bob Brown
Posted 1/04/19, 04:32 pm

Clint Eastwood’s characters play by their own rules. Take, for instance, his unconventional gunslingers—vengeful police detective Harry Callahan (Dirty Harry) and fatherly hit man William Munny (Unforgiven). In the new film The Mule, Earl Stone (Eastwood), too, is just doing his job—although the job involves transporting illegal drugs across the country. He’s a “mule” for a Mexican drug cartel. Eastwood is at his best when his protagonists have a sense of their fallenness. Stone, though, seems oblivious to his sins.

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