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Running by faith

Movie | Faith film Run the Race keeps its message real
by Bob Brown
Posted 2/28/19, 01:06 pm

Former NFL quarterback turned minor league baseball player Tim Tebow and his brother, Robby, are the executive producers of the new Christian film Run the Race. Tebow told the Christian Post he wanted to make an “authentic” film because “the Christian life isn’t cookie cutter.” Well, it’s true some faith films convey simplistic resolutions to hard times. To be sure, Run the Race stays in its lane, but credible dialogue, convincing performances, and solid production make it one of the faith-film genre’s better moments.

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A healing story

Movie | Green Book has a message that is worth celebrating
by Megan Basham
Posted 2/28/19, 12:01 pm

One of the most depressing hallmarks of our time is a tendency to read the worst motives into any public statements, including films, on thorny subjects like race and gender. We seem increasingly unwilling to give each other the benefit of any doubt.

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Green Book wins top honors at Oscars

by Lynde Langdon
Posted 2/25/19, 12:19 pm

The 91st Academy Awards honored a diverse slate of winners Sunday night, with the best picture Oscar going to Green Book, a film based on the real-life story of African-American concert pianist Don Shirley on tour with a white chauffeur in the 1960s South. A few years after the #OscarsSoWhite controversy about white dominance of the awards, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences took steps toward recognizing the achievement of African-American and female filmmakers and actors.

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