Bad Education is a good lesson

Movie | Student journalism shines in HBO movie
by Megan Basham
Posted 5/07/20, 05:43 pm

Real-life tales of intrepid journalists bringing down corrupt powers are staples in film and television. HBO’s new made-for-cable movie stands out not just for its A-list lead (Hugh Jackman), but because the reporter who breaks the story is a teenage girl. 

The publication: her high-school newspaper. The power she takes down: the administration of her school district, one of the highest-ranked in the nation. 

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Bringing children back to life

Television | Poignant PBS films show efforts to help children traumatized by the Holocaust
by Sharon Dierberger
Posted 4/20/20, 04:29 pm

Few images from World War II are as heart wrenching as those of Jewish child survivors of the Holocaust. A new PBS movie, The Windermere Children, and an accompanying documentary, The Windermere Children: In Their Own Words, tell the poignant, redemptive story of some of those youth.

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Pandemic lessons from a Cold War classic

Movie | Fail Safe focuses on leaders who have no good options to avert disaster
by Jim Hill
Posted 4/17/20, 04:02 pm

With the coronavirus pandemic exacerbating world governments’ servicing of over $253 trillion in worldwide debt, leaders around the globe are making incredibly difficult decisions as they balance saving lives from the virus and avoiding a global economic collapse.

Viewers who want to watch a film that displays the trials of leadership in a similar no-win situation should consider going old school and giving the 1964 classic Fail Safe a watch (available on Amazon Prime).

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