An Oscar preview

Movie | Only one of the Best Picture nominees was in the top 20
by Pamela Johnson
Posted 3/22/97, 12:00 am

How many people have seen all of the movies nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture? Not very many. Of all of the nominees, only Jerry Maguire was a top-20 hit. The others, all of which were made by independent studios, languished at the box office. This year's Oscar nominees demonstrate the growing gap between the sensibilities of the filmmaking community and that of the rest of America.

Here is a run-down on each of the Best Picture nominees. Significantly, every one is R-rated.

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Film: Shakespeare uncut

Movie | The Bard is nearly tamper-proof, but Kenneth Branagh's full-text Hamlet lets the Christian poet speak for himself
by Pamela Johnson
Posted 3/01/97, 12:00 am

It would have been a winter of our discontent indeed were it not for the spate of Shakespeare-on-celluloid productions that have been released within the last four months. While some are attributing filmmakers' interest in the British Bard to a lack of worthy fare from contemporary writers, it should be pointed out that Shakespeare's plays have never lost popularity or gone unproduced. Every decade has seen his plays jump from the stage to screens large and small, with the happy result of enlarging the audience for Shakespeare.

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Something to cry for

Movie | Silver-screen Evita pushes totalitarianism Hollywood-style
by Pamela Johnson
Posted 2/15/97, 12:00 am

Evita is a collaboration between Disney, the parent corporation for Hollywood Pictures; director Alan Parker, known for his MTV style; co-writer Oliver Stone, the historical revisionist; and Madonna, sex-goddess and glam queen. Put together all of these icons of today's pop culture with their characteristic weaknesses and you get Evita.

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