Kindness Films

My neighbors in Cairo

Documentary | Muslim filmmaker promotes cross-cultural understanding in Free Trip to Egypt
by Bob Brown
Posted 5/31/19, 10:57 am

What would you do if a Muslim man approached you and offered an all-expenses-paid trip to Egypt? Seven Americans from various walks of life accepted Tarek Mounib’s invitation to spend 10 days with hosts in Cairo. Mounib, a Canadian Egyptian who describes himself as an “entrepreneur of the Muslim faith,” wasn’t selling Islam, as it turns out, but an opportunity for people from America and Egypt to unlearn stereotypes and prejudices. His documentary Free Trip to Egypt, slated for a 500-screen release in June, follows Mounib’s crusade from recruitment to reunion.

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China Film Group

Planet in peril

China | Chinese blockbuster The Wandering Earth is a sci-fi spectacle with weak storytelling
by June Cheng
Posted 5/30/19, 10:53 am

Netflix users may have noticed a new Chinese sci-fi movie called The Wandering Earth pop up on their home page this month. While most Americans probably haven’t heard of the movie, it’s the year’s biggest film in China, where it grossed $693 million (plus an additional $7 million overseas). That makes it the second-highest-grossing non-English film in history following the 2017 hit Wolf Warrior 2, which I reviewed last year.

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Aspiration Entertainment

Wide-ranging Pursuit

Documentary | New documentary upholds big ideas about capitalism and the dignity of work but covers too much ground
by Megan Basham
Posted 5/27/19, 08:46 am

Arthur Brooks has never been a man short on ideas. While that has served him well as a best-selling author (The Road to Freedom, The Conservative Heart) and president of the American Enterprise Institute, it’s clearly a challenge for him to pack his wide-ranging social and economic ideas into 76 minutes.

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