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Lost in solitude

Movies | In Leave No Trace, isolation bonds a father and daughter—and drives them apart
by Marty VanDriel
Posted 10/11/18, 02:40 pm

The brokenness of life is almost unbearable in Leave No Trace, a movie inspired by a true story. Will (Ben Foster) and his daughter Tom (Thomasin McKenzie) live in the woods of a large public park near Portland, Ore., hiding from discovery by leaving few traces of their existence. They gather mushrooms, drink rainwater, and plant carefully disguised gardens in the lush forest. Will and Tom trek into town periodically, cashing Dad’s disability checks and selling his VA-supplied medications to other veterans.

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Lives in the balance

Movies | The Hate U Give tackles important topics but offers hollow advice
by Bob Brown
Posted 10/11/18, 01:16 pm

Critics are heaping praise on the fictional drama The Hate U Give for its message condemning racism and police brutality. But it’s one thing to spotlight problems, and another to offer substantive solutions.

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A ‘town hall’ with a film director

Entertainment | Sitting through a press conference with director Alfonso Cuarón following his lovely film Roma
by Emily Belz
Posted 10/10/18, 05:05 pm

A New York moment: 

Last week I sat in a press conference with Alfonso Cuarón, one of my favorite directors, who discussed his new film Roma (see end of column). These film festival press conferences are always a mixed bag, sort of like a town hall meeting. There are sincere and ridiculous questions—I remember one member of the press last year asked a director what the “takeaway” from his movie was. People also stand up and make statements that are not questions as much as an attempt to impress whichever famous person is in the room.

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