End of an era

Money | Good things happen when inflation is low, and Alan Greenspan's tenure as head of the Federal Reserve Board witnessed a strong run for the U.S.
by Timothy Lamer
Posted 2/04/06, 12:00 am

The Labor Department reported on Jan. 18 that the consumer price index rose by 3.4 percent during 2005.

The fact that most people probably missed that news-or they heard it and promptly forgot it-is a testimony to Alan Greenspan's tenure as chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. Thirty years ago, everybody would have heard about a CPI gain of 3.4 percent, and nobody would have forgotten it. Politicians, rushing to podiums to claim credit, wouldn't have let them forget.

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Worldly benefits

Money | The biblical reason to work hard is out of gratitude to God for the free gift of salvation and love of neighbor
by Timothy Lamer
Posted 1/21/06, 12:00 am

A recent study lends support to the idea that other things are added to those who seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. In the study, Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist Jonathan Gruber argues that going to church makes people wealthier. Specifically, he claims that a doubling of church attendance will raise a household's income by 9.1 percent.

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A happy new year

Money | Only a determined pessimist-or leader of the minority party in Congress-could fail to see the bright side of the U.S.
by Timothy Lamer
Posted 1/14/06, 12:00 am

When President Bush gave a major speech in North Carolina early last month touting the strength of the U.S. economy, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) wasn't buying it. "Platitudes and photo-ops by the president suggesting a strong economy simply do not make it so," she said.

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