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Lotteries and state-sponsored materialism

by Nick Eicher
Posted 1/15/16, 02:40 pm

Each week, The World and Everything in It features a “Culture Friday” segment, in which Executive Producer Nick Eicher discusses the latest cultural news with John Stonestreet, president of the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Here is a summary of this week’s conversation.

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Social justice

Money | A crackdown on oligarchs stashing money in luxury real estate?
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 1/13/16, 03:40 pm

Here’s a rare time when WORLD and The New York Times agree: The secret flow of illicit money into high-end real estate is a problem. So, both publications can cheer the Treasury Department’s announcement this morning that it will require real estate companies to disclose names behind all-cash transactions in Manhattan and Miami, two destinations for oligarchs from abroad who turn what would be homes into rarely lived in safety deposit boxes.

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Low-tax matchmaking

Money | A cross-border tactic allows corporations to wed and avoid excessive U.S. taxes
by David Skeel
Posted 12/11/15, 01:00 am

A $152 billion planned merger between Pfizer and Allergan, the large U.S. and Irish drug companies, is the latest example of a business trick we’ll be hearing a lot more about between now and the election next November. It’s called a corporate inversion, and it’s a clever way to make the unconscionably high U.S. taxes on corporate income disappear.

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