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Somebody has to pay

Money | The Greek debt crisis has no easy solution
by Timothy Lamer
Posted 2/26/10, 06:23 am

The problem with out-of-control government spending is that, at some point, somebody has to pay for it. Governments tend to ignore that fact, but Greece, over the last few weeks, provided a reminder that it cannot be ignored forever. The drama of street protests in Athens and angry remarks from leaders across Europe is largely an exercise in determining who will pay for years of Greek profligacy. Nobody wants to pay, but somebody must.

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Old-fashioned banker meets new fangled heist

Banking | The demise of Dwelling House
by Russ Pulliam
Posted 9/25/09, 04:11 am

Imagine robbing Mother Teresa and taking money she'd use to feed the hungry. Something like that happened to Pittsburgh banker Robert R. Lavelle and his family business.

Bank regulators shut his Dwelling House Savings and Loan on Aug. 14 and sold the $13 million in savings account assets to the much larger PNC regional bank. That ended more than 50 years of discounted mortgage loans for low-income families to buy homes in the predominantly African-American Hill District of Pittsburgh.

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James Allen Walker for WORLD

Pain and gain

Money | Overall charitable giving is falling as the economy sputters, but religious giving is up
by Darin Miller
Posted 8/14/09, 04:55 am

The Christian Worship Center in Alexandria, La., has 1,000 attendees in a town of 50,000, according to Pastor Aaron Hankins, and has remained financially stable amid recession. Hankins says the key for churches in hard times is to "keep a good vision of what they're doing and what the Bible says."

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