Office of prognostication

Money | The Congressional Budget Office’s healthcare predictions aren’t a reliable guide for lawmakers
by David L. Bahnsen
Posted 6/14/17, 01:41 pm

With the GOP promising a “repeal and replace” of Obamacare, all eyes have turned to the U.S. Senate. The House passed a repeal-and-replace bill, the American Health Care Act, on May 4, and while the Senate is widely expected to make adjustments to the House plan, the reconciliation process gives senators a path to repeal and replace that requires only 51 votes, versus the 60 normally needed to prevent a filibuster.

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Another view on value vs. values investing

Money | A strategy to avoid sinful ways and encourage good deeds
by Meredith E. Flautt Jr.
Posted 4/08/17, 11:45 am

As I finished reading “Value vs. values,” published in the April 1 issue of WORLD Magazine, I should have felt relieved because the writer let me off the hook. He gave me reasons why I didn’t need to worry if my investing practices didn’t align with my personal beliefs. But I didn’t feel relieved at all—in fact, I was even more troubled. Is Biblically responsible investing something I should pursue? Shouldn’t I at least attempt to be set apart from a sin-filled world where possible?

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Value vs. values

Money | An interlinked society makes ‘socially conscious’ investing complicated
by David L. Bahnsen
Posted 3/15/17, 03:59 pm

Should Christians emphasize “value” investing (making investing decisions around the economic value of a given investment opportunity) or “values” investing (buying stock only in companies that meet Biblical moral criteria)—and if the latter, which criteria to emphasize?

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