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A boon for business?

Money | Forecasting the Donald J. Trump economy is a dicey exercise
by David Skeel
Posted 12/16/16, 11:00 am

Stock markets think a businessman president will be good for business. After dropping for a few hours following billionaire Donald Trump’s election victory, stock prices rose, and kept rising.

The markets may be right, but the Trump economy is far less certain than the early euphoria suggests.

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More money talk

Money | Helpful habits for giving and saving
by David Skeel
Posted 11/08/16, 12:24 pm

Since my Oct. 15 article about having a “money talk” with children, I’ve received lots of emails with money stories and recommendations. The comments and questions are so helpful I can’t resist sharing a few.

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Wells Fargo fallout

Money | The market is punishing Wells Fargo for creating fake accounts. Will regulators punish the rest of us?
by David Skeel
Posted 10/14/16, 01:00 am

Editor’s note: The following article is from the Oct. 29 issue of WORLD Magazine. Right after the issue went to press on Wednesday, Oct. 12, Wells Fargo announced that CEO John Stumpf was retiring effective immediately and relinquishing his title as chairman and that COO Tim Sloan will become CEO and Stephen Sanger will serve as the board’s non-executive chairman.

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