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Bailout prevention

Money | Oversight and debt restructuring could be Puerto Rico’s likeliest chance for lasting reform
by David Skeel
Posted 4/15/16, 01:00 am

The clock is about to strike midnight for Puerto Rico. With payments of $422 million in debt due in May and $2 billion in July, Puerto Rico has run out of ways to postpone its looming default (see “Puerto Rico panic,” Dec. 26, 2015).

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The Big Short explanation

Money | An Oscar-winning film was a short, clever attempt to explain a big financial mess
by David Skeel
Posted 3/04/16, 01:00 am

If you’re making a movie about markets and money, do you try to explain the nitty-gritty financial details? Or not explain them at all?

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New fiduciary rules aim to protect investors from their financial advisers

Personal Finance
by Joe Kesler
Posted 2/15/16, 10:30 am

Many people have no idea financial advisers are not required to put their interests first. Laws stipulate doctors, lawyers, and CPA’s should put their clients’ interests ahead of their own, but some financial advisers have a looser standard when providing retirement advice. And that may cost their clients a lot of extra fees.

But things are about to change. 

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