Krieg Barrie

Playing with ‘FIRE’

Money | Extra-early retirement has become a new financial fad
by Collin Garbarino
Posted 3/28/19, 03:01 pm

The Protestant Reformation taught us that “vocation”—a calling from God—belongs to all Christians, not just clergy. Often this vocation expresses itself in our work, and in the last few years Gene Edward Veith, Tim Keller, and others have written books that help Christians develop a theology of work and vocation. At the same time, another movement has spread in America with a different perspective on work. Its followers call it FIRE.

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Photo illustration: Krieg Barrie; Paul Sancya/AP; John Locher/AP; Jose Luis Magana/AP

Not enough plunder

Money | Taking from the rich still won’t pay for Democrats’ dream programs
by Stephen Patton
Posted 3/28/19, 02:58 pm

As April 15, income tax day, approaches, Congressional Democrats are proposing significant increases in taxes to fund new programs. U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., has proposed a 70 percent federal income tax on incomes above $10 million. Other Democrats have proposed similar levies. Proposals such as providing Medicare for all and the Green New Deal would require significant new expenditures and revenue to support them.

Is it really possible to tax the rich to fund fully such new initiatives?

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Associated Press/Photo by Rich Pedroncelli

Winning lottery ticket worth $1.537 billion

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 10/24/18, 11:12 am

A ticket bought in South Carolina won the Mega Millions lottery on Tuesday with a final prize of $1.537 billion, lottery officials said. The total is lower than the original estimate of $1.6 billion and comes in just shy of the all-time record from 2016. The winning ticket is worth about $877.8 million in a lump-sum cash payment, which most winners take instead of collecting the full amount in annual payments over three decades. South Carolina is one of the eight states where winners can remain anonymous. Whoever bought the ticket hasn’t claimed the prize yet.

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