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Foreign missions at home

Missions | Some churches and ministries are preaching the gospel to the world by reaching out to international students in America
by Sophia Lee
Posted 3/29/18, 01:19 am

Angie Mercer wondered if she was the only person freaking out in the hospital room. The others—an international student from China, his pregnant wife, and his mother—wore stoic expressions. The mother-to-be was deep in labor, yet the doctor had not arrived, and the understaffed nurses were busy elsewhere.

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The absence of presence

Evangelism | The church is what the world is hurting for
by Mindy Belz
Posted 3/18/18, 06:39 am

The frankness of the Middle Eastern pastors is remarkable. They are learning, growing, reconciling, and repenting as their challenges deepen. The main reason? They can’t afford not to.

The assaults of the Syrian war—which enters its eighth year this month—and the ravages of Islamic State opened neighboring countries and their churches to new fears, new threats, and throngs of refugees at their doors.

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Who will finish the story?

Missions | A call to kingdom risk-takers
by Joel Belz
Posted 3/15/18, 02:36 pm

I used to think that nothing brought me more delight than to hear someone respond to a story or column in WORLD by saying quite simply, “I didn’t know that.” Now I know I was much too easily satisfied. Real gratification comes, I’ve discovered, when someone reads, reflects, agrees—and then, as a result, changes his or her behavior in a significant manner.

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