Repayment ministry

Missions | Aspiring missionaries find they owe a debt to the gospel—and also to banks. What can free them up to serve?
by Leigh Jones
Posted 2/28/18, 11:05 pm

Paul Jackson took his first short-term mission trip during his junior year at California Baptist University. He came home convinced God had called him to life in the mission field. He and his girlfriend, Riley, spent the month of Ramadan praying over where God might eventually send them. They emerged with a heart and vision for the Muslim world. (Paul and Riley are pseudonyms: Publication of their names would jeopardize their safety and work in a Muslim country.)

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Andrew Branch

Different world, same Word

Missions | After 26 years of linguistic work, the Kasua tribe dedicated its newly printed New Testaments
by Andrew Branch
Posted 2/15/18, 02:57 pm

PAPUA NEW GUINEA—Flanked by a mass of bodies singing in Kasua, “God’s book has come,” four men shouldered boxes of the first New Testaments in their language toward the Musula village center in remote Papua New Guinea.

In front, three women adorned with paint and cassowary feathers danced in circles before the procession. Behind, a throng with rattles of gourds and pill bottles kept time to fierce drumming by men with faces in rigid feather frames. They wore percussive peacock tails of reeds and clusters of crayfish shells.

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John Fredricks/Genesis

Dueling visions, gnawing suspicions

Missions | The battle over a proposed sale of American evangelism’s ‘Missions Pentagon’ raises questions of missionary strategy and nonprofit accountability. What responsibility do ministries have to their founder’s vision—and to those who sacrificed to fund it?
by Sophia Lee & Marvin Olasky
Posted 2/14/18, 02:18 pm

March 4 is Oscar night, and the “best actor” favorite is Gary Oldman for his portrayal of Winston Churchill, who famously spoke of fighting on the beaches and never surrendering. But in Pasadena, 18 miles northeast of the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, sits the campus of William Carey International University (WCIU) and Frontier Ventures (FV), two interlinked ministries that are not having their finest hour.

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