Associated Press/Don Williams

American missionary killed in Cameroon

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 10/31/18, 10:30 am

Family members of an American missionary in northwestern Cameroon confirmed he died Tuesday after being caught in crossfire between security forces and separatists amid ongoing post-election violence in the country. Indiana native Charles Wesco arrived in the city of Bamenda less than two weeks ago with his wife, Stephanie, and their eight children.

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Sam Cranston/Genesis

Traumas that persist

Missions | For missionaries and aid workers, coming home is just the beginning
by Andrew Shaughnessy
Posted 10/23/18, 12:30 pm

In March 1994 Ray Rising disappeared into the Colombian jungle. FARC (Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia) had abducted the Wycliffe missionary and radio technician. For the next 810 days, hard men with machine guns in their hands and murder in their hearts held him captive, constantly moving from camp to camp, always watching.

When the guerrillas released Rising in June 1996, he thought his ordeal was finally over. But Rising’s battle had only just begun.

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Courtesy of Kaley Payne/Bible Society Australia

Every tribe and tongue

Asia | Christianity has transformed many minority Hmong communities in Vietnam, and now the Hmong are spreading the Word
by June Cheng
Posted 10/11/18, 02:09 pm

In a residential neighborhood in Hanoi, Vietnam, church leaders of the Dao ethnic group gather in a newly built classroom to learn about Christian leadership.

Afterward they stream downstairs to a communal kitchen where attendees of a women’s training program are eating lunch, the room filled with sounds of Vietnamese and the Dao’s local dialect.

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