Wounded warriors

Military | Even as a scandal over medical care for veterans was building, Marines were helping other Marines recover from their wounds
by Jamie Dean
Posted 3/17/07, 12:00 am

CAMP LEJENUE, N.C.- On a crisp morning on the North Carolina coast, traffic bustles through the main gate of Camp Lejeune, the largest U.S. Marine Corps base east of the Mississippi. The 156,000-acre site includes 11 miles of beach for amphibious operations training, 98 maneuver areas, and more than 40,000 Marines.

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He sent, she sent

Military | Boys will be boys-and girls, girls-even in supporting U.S.
by Lynn Vincent
Posted 2/17/07, 12:00 am

Snaps and snails and puppy dog tails. Sugar and spice and all that's nice. The differences between boys and girls are older than Mother Goose's 1916 nursery rhyme-and as new as the ways they respond to current events.

In Orange County, Calif., 17-year-old Shauna Fleming's national campaign to send thank-you notes to American soldiers has warmed more than 2.5 million warriors' hearts. In La Plata, Md., 14-year-old Zeke Peterson has taken a practical-and arguably more male-approach, sending soldiers something they can use in the field.

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Homeward bound

Military | Soldiers on leave find a place to relax at USO airport centers
by Jamie Dean
Posted 12/23/06, 12:00 am

CHARLOTTE, N.C.-By mid-December, passengers at Charlotte's busy international airport form long lines and slouch over small piles of luggage, resigned to the holiday crush. Beyond the crowded security checkpoints, Terry Tellison and Jesús Rodriguez squeeze through the teeming food court and climb up a set of winding, red stairs. A sign at the top tells the young men with heavy backpacks and worn combat boots that they're in the right place. It reads: "USO: Until everyone comes home."

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