Photo by Bonnie Pritchett

Volunteer scout

Military | Kitty Millard has become an expert at tracking down Vietnam veterans and reuniting them with long-lost buddies
by Bonnie Pritchett
Posted 11/02/12, 01:00 am

On Oct. 10, 1968, Dennis Pfaff led a patrol of U.S. soldiers through the rice paddies of Vietnam’s Chu Lai area. The men of Bravo Company 4th/21st, 11th Light Infantry Brigade avoided the footpaths and dirt tracks that passed for roads for fear of tripping a land mine. One misstep could take a leg or a life.

The men waded as far as they could through the water before they had to climb up on the bank near the site of an earlier explosion that foundered a tank but injured no one. But when the patrol reached the site of the first explosion, another mine went off.

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Photo by Luke Sharrett

Walking wounded

Military | The Iraq and Afghanistan wars have produced more amputees than in recent U.S. combat history, but one young warrior and his wife discover life is fragile, and love is bigger
by Edward Lee Pitts
Posted 11/02/12, 01:00 am

Andrew Smith has a vision. In January his brother is getting married. Smith imagines being able to walk up the church steps and down the sanctuary’s center aisle. After all, he is the best man.

This activity would be an after-thought for most 25-year-old men. But Smith is learning to walk all over again.

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Illustration by Krieg Barrie

Battle code

Military | The Pentagon openly plans the future of cyberwarfare
by Daniel James Devine
Posted 9/21/12, 01:00 am

A research arm of the Pentagon, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is crafting the future of U.S. cyberwar as part of a $110 million research initiative the agency calls "Plan X." DARPA invited internet and computer security experts to learn about the project at a pair of meetings (one of them classified) scheduled for Sept. 27 in Arlington, Va. Plan X, while not intended to build cyberweapons directly, will "support development of fundamental strategies and tactics needed to dominate the cyber battlespace," an agency document says.

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