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More U.S. troops to leave Iraq, Afghanistan

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 11/18/20, 01:24 am

Some 2,000 American troops will withdraw from Afghanistan and another 500 from Iraq by mid-January, Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller announced Tuesday. The United States will still respond if conditions in Afghanistan or Iraq deteriorate, he added.

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A veteran adjusts to bigger plans

History | From Texas to Japan, Bernie Holritz served God and country in ways he didn’t expect
by Sharon Dierberger
Posted 10/08/20, 03:46 pm

Third in a series on war veterans

Bernie Holritz, 99, loves to tell how God directed every aspect of his life, though never in a straight line. As America battled Japan during World War II, the Navy recruit didn’t expect he’d one day evangelize the Japanese.

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All-male draft upheld

by Seth Johnson
Posted 8/13/20, 04:09 pm

A federal appeals court on Thursday ruled it lacks the authority to reverse a 1981 Supreme Court decision declaring the all-male military draft constitutional. A three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with the plaintiff, the National Coalition for Men, that “the factual underpinning of the controlling Supreme Court decision has changed,” but noted that only the high court can overturn its own precedent. The coalition won its case in Texas last year, leading to an appeal that ended in Thursday’s ruling.

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