Patrick Henry College

Getting the big story

Q&A | A look behind the desk of The Atlantic’s religion and politics writer
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 4/25/19, 01:41 pm

Emma Green covers religion and other spheres for The Atlantic, a venerable magazine that’s probably America’s best center-left publication. Here are edited and tightened excerpts of a Q&A that she and I had in April before students at Patrick Henry College.

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Associated Press/Photo by Bebeto Matthews

Pulitzers honor Franklin, coverage of shootings

by Kent Covington
Posted 4/16/19, 10:45 am

The Pulitzer Prizes announced on Monday recognized breaking news coverage of mass shootings, investigative reporting on President Donald Trump’s finances, and the special contributions of the “Queen of Soul.” Aretha Franklin, who died in August of last year from pancreatic cancer, received a posthumous special citation from the Pulitzer board “for her indelible contribution to American music and culture.” Franklin is the first woman to receive the honorary Pulitzer.

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Listen and consider

Culture | Christian commentators and others have found wide audiences through podcasts   
by Juliana Chan Erikson
Posted 4/11/19, 03:15 pm

The most popular episode of one of the most popular religion podcasts begins with a sound check: “Check one-two, we’re ready to go.”

That Sounds Fun podcast host Annie F. Downs and her guest, comedian John Crist, are recording in her father’s office, surrounded by boxes of tax returns, forced to share one microphone. For the next hour and a half, the two drift, as close friends would, from lighthearted jabs to the deep and serious, from their complicated dating lives as Christian celebrities to their respective rehab visits.

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