On the personal glide path

Journalism | But WORLD will go higher
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 9/24/20, 03:54 pm

“There’s a Million Things I haven’t done / But just you wait, just you wait.” Those lines in the great musical Hamilton are ones many of us feel, but at some point in God’s choosing our time runs out, and we get to experience greater things. It’s no contradiction for Christians to look forward to heaven but to be in no hurry to get there: Major league starting pitchers know that these days complete games are rare, but they still want to get through seven or eight innings.

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Thomas Peter/Pool Photo via AP

The disappearing China correspondents

China | Beijing keeps expelling foreign journalists as relations with the West sour
by June Cheng
Posted 9/11/20, 04:48 pm

On Monday, the last two credentialed Australian journalists in China boarded a flight to Sydney after a five-day diplomatic standoff. The expulsion occurred as relations between Australia and China have deteriorated and the Chinese government continues its crusade to rid the country of foreign reporters.

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Have you ever wanted to be a journalist?

World | An invitation to apply to the World Journalism Institute mid-career course
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 9/04/20, 04:24 pm

A church I was a member of 30 years ago published a daily Bible-reading schedule showing several chapters, along with a list of many more labeled “For the Hearty Ones.” I believe those of you who regularly read our Saturday Series are also hearty ones, so this is the place to extend an invitation to the World Journalism Institute’s annual mid-career course. The next course, No. 12, will meet Jan. 7–13, 2021.

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