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Boots on the ground

Worldview | Chasing Biblical objectivity in journalism
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 9/26/19, 04:59 pm

“Biblically objective journalism that informs, educates, and inspires.” WORLD’s mission statement near the top of page 2 of every issue sometimes confuses readers, because it uses the word objective in an old-fashioned way.

Today  we often think of an “objective” perspective as one not voicing a strong opinion—neutral.

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The fake news police

Media | Who fact-checks Facebook’s fact-checkers?
by Hannah Harris
Posted 9/10/19, 03:31 pm

The debate about bias at Facebook and other media intensified last month as investigators headed by former GOP Sen. Jon Kyl presented an “interim report.” Kyl’s Covington & Burling law firm interviewed 133 conservatives and heard concerns that Facebook’s third-party fact-checkers “skewed to the ideological Left.”

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Walter Albertin/New York World-Telegram & Sun/PhotoQuest/Getty Images

The sound of writing

Media | A good writer is a joyful problem-solver
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 8/06/19, 10:41 am

Harold “Hal” Prince, producer and director, died at age 91 on July 31.  It got me thinking about musicals and lyrics and how today’s aspiring writers, including humble magazine columnists, could do worse than study the old heyday Broadway songs. All writing is problem-solving, and it’s fun to see how the best of the best solved their “problems,” and had a blast doing it.

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