What a story!

Media | God has been calling young Christians to truth-based journalism
by Joel Belz
Posted 5/21/20, 04:27 pm

When I heard that Sarah Schweinsberg was telling “quite a story,” I was all ears. Sarah Schweinsberg is not just an extraordinary storyteller. She is also a voice you’ll hear frequently on The World and Everything in It, our daily news podcast that’s available around the world.

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Ministry or business?

Journalism | Hopefully we’re a little of both
by Joel Belz
Posted 5/06/20, 05:27 pm

When you pick up your latest issue of WORLD, do you think of it more as a business enterprise—or as a ministry? Do you think first of Truett Cathy or of Billy Graham?

The ideal answer—from my point of view as the magazine’s founder—is that you think of WORLD in both categories. 

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Illustration by Jeffrey J. Smith

What about that empty tomb?

Q&A | Thinking deeply about faith
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 3/26/20, 01:39 pm

Jon Meacham, 50 years old, was managing editor and then editor of Newsweek from 1996 to 2010. He holds an endowed chair at Vanderbilt University and has received a Pulitzer Prize and eight honorary doctorates. His latest book is The Hope of Glory: Reflections on the Last Words of Jesus From the Cross. Here are edited excerpts of our pre-Easter conversation.

Did you major in English at the University of the South (Sewanee) because you wanted to be a writer?

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