A well-behaved woman

Family | Feminists don’t honor her, but she made something better than history
by Janie B. Cheaney
Posted 2/12/18, 10:38 pm

This January’s women’s march didn’t make as big a splash as the one a year earlier, but it drew impressive numbers, an abundance of pink hats, and a sea of signs, some of which can’t be reproduced in a family magazine. One popular slogan is printable and worth considering, though: Well-behaved women seldom make history. Curious about the origin, I discovered that it first appeared in a scholarly essay about (of all things) Puritan burial customs in 17th-century New England. Then it became a book title and eventually a rallying cry for fourth-wave feminism.

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When the Bible doesn’t offer Dating 101

Relationships | Why are we so eager for a guidebook to romantic relationships?
by Sophia Lee
Posted 2/12/18, 03:53 pm

I’ve figured out a quick and easy way for WORLD to instantly boost its following from Christian millennials. 

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Huang Xiaoyong/Xinhua

The one-stop wedding shop

Taiwan | Taiwan’s hunsha wedding shops provide gorgeous dresses—plus everything else
by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 1/30/18, 09:54 pm

TAIPEI, Taiwan—On a sweltering summer day with a heat index of 110 degrees Fahrenheit, a man and a woman in formal attire posed on the steps of Shan-Chih Hall in Tatung University. The train of the young woman’s blue gown fanned behind her as her fiancé—perhaps near heat exhaustion in his three-piece suit—held her waist, obeying the direction of the photographer.

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